ChezNous? Where did you get that name?

Chez Nous is a simple way to remind us that we all have a common home: the planet earth is our home.

In view of the missions we have given ourselves, we have chosen to make ChezNous a common good. ChezNous acts in service and in collaboration with all the energies allowing to build a world of peace for the benefit of the children of the world.
Understanding our logo

We chose the colors of the logo thinking of the kabile tradition which associates yellow with the sun, blue with the sea, green with nature and red with blood to remind us that we all share this approach of the Living.

We chose MotWiki writing as a wink to one of the foundations of this web publishing tool. WordWiki makes it very easy to create links between content pages. Chez Nous’s mission is to be a facilitator of social ties in order to promote collective action. The use of wiki writing is also motivated to pay tribute to the WikiCommunity that has been exploring new forms of cooperation and collective organization for years.

If the We are in bold, it is to underline our will to affirm collectively our conscience of interdependence.