The societal shift in which we find ourselves could lead us to believe that hyper-technology will dominate the world by taking unequalled power and decision-making power. Those who make this assumption just forget that the real power of man is elsewhere. He’s in his creative faculty. Creative people think differently and act differently to change their environment. To understand it, it is necessary to analyze what is the creative mind, the artist, the creative, the researcher, the innovator or the inventor. We must also have integrated fundamental rules inherent to our universe. It is therefore essential to relearn our lost landmarks, because if not, how else can we pass them on to our successors? In children, creation, invention, imagination are biological constants possessed since their first breath, then they evolve with their experiences. Another vision of the human being. We must take into account that Nature’s perpetual innovation is in reality the deep source of our world. For it was there before us and will be there again after as a fundamental rule forever. Where does this common nature come from, how has it evolved? What are the criteria for implementing it? How does it guide us for our own development and to operate as a group? What are the effective rules that we have deduced from them and that have proved their effectiveness? This book allows us to be more conscious, more open: think differently and innovate while using what the new society puts at our disposal… but with wisdom!