The future of pixels is in our hands


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Pixels are all the images that we can access through the different screens that surround us. We have never had access to so many pixels of all kinds. And the rate at which new pixels are made available every day is accelerating. We are now immersed in an ocean of infinite pixels, constantly changing and only at the very beginning of its history.

Each of us, no matter where we are, affects the fate of our ocean. How? By the attention we pay to pixels, by the attention we produce and by the echo we give to pixels, throughout the world and at lightning speed. What we actually have in our hands today is a superpower to transform our ocean. We make use of it through the choices we make every second. This gives us a considerable responsibility because, the world of pixels and the physical world being completely intertwined, shaping our ocean of pixels is also shaping our world.

So we have in our hands not only the ocean of pixels, but also the world we will leave as a legacy to future generations.